Open Source 2012

How much control do we have over our own fate?

In the opening scene of 'OPEN SOURCE', we are exposed to a bride-to-be on her wedding night. On the split second in which she looks into the mirror, all of her deepest fears, fantasies and hidden desires are revealed.


The character sets out on a thrilling, powerful journey driven by curiosity and self-discovery. Little does she know that both herself and her fiancé (the boss), along with their reflections - the secretary and the messenger boy – exist only within the framework of a virtual game, programmed and controlled by the "All-Time Gamer".



mk repertoire

Performers: Anderson Braz, Artour Astman, Caroline Boussard, Luciane Castro Fontanella, Ori Ben-Shabat, Amit Tine, Asami Ida.

Choreography: Talia Landa and the Maria Kong team
Original music, Musical arrangement and Editing:

Tal Ben-Ari

Technology: Ori Ben-Shabat & Tal Ben-Ari

Light Design: Shahar Werechson

Sound Design: Tal Ben Ari

Technical Director: Yossi Tal Taieb

The “All-Time-Gamer” uses our wireless digital gloves technology, developed by
the Maria Kong team enabling seamless synchronization of sound and movement.

© Maria Kong 2018

Photo by: Ascaf Avraham