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Gilad Kahana Album Launch  September 2015

"The Researchers"

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A collaboration between Maria Kong and Gilad Kahana - an Israeli artist known for his bold lyrics and audacious poetry - this time for the launch of his Album  'My Africa'.
Gilad Kahana asked Maria Kong to take over one of 17 rooms used for his album launch exhibition. Each room was a different interpretation to transform one of Gilad's new songs into a creation. Our team took an empty room and turned it into an aquatic experience.
Maria Kong's room was themed with the concept of 'Africa Underwater'. The Human Race extracted from the ocean miraculous aquatic creatures that with simple waves of their hands created life wherever they went. The humans imprisoned the creatures in a special lab, emulating the underwater experience. The artists, masters of light, sound and movement, collaborated to recreate the feeling of being deep under the water into which the audience was invited to dive into the bottom of the ocean. The outcome was an invitation to the team's endless imagination. 

The Maria Kong team collaborated with new talented artists to give the perfect touch, feel and look for the experience: Yuli Fitye - Jewelry, Kobi Mercury - Hair Design and Evelin Leibovich - Make up, Artour Astman, Amit Tine - Art and styling.

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