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Backstage 2013

An innovative 360 degree immersive experience of live music, dance, video and technology, in which the audience is more than an outsider watching a show, but rather a partner, invited in by the Shadow Lady, 

to take a ride, to the “other side”

to the backstage of our lives.




Intoxicated by sirens, roused by pirates and immersed in the tumultuous flow of life on the merry waves,
BACKSTAGE features stunning dancers, a great live rock band and fun interactive media.



mk repertoire

Performing: Amit Tina, Anderson Braz, Artour Astman, Asami Ida, Caroline Boussard, Luciane Castro Fontanella, Talia Landa, Ori Ben-Shabat.

Musicians: Tal Cohen, Nitzan Eisenberg, Netanel Lesser.

Composer, Conductor & Sound Operator: Tribal Tul.

Lightning Designer & Operator: Shachar Werechson.

Technical Director: Yossi Taieb.

Costume Designer: Odelia Shimoni, Artour Astman.

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